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Bed Bug Inspections in Denver and surrounding areas

Colorado Bed Bug Dog stands by its work offering a 3 month guarantee on our inspections ensuring your peace of mind. Some terms and conditions may apply. Feel free to ask for details.

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#1 Defense for Bed Bugs is early detection. 20% OFF total for payments made in cash.

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Here to Protect Your Home and Business. 

If you suspect bed bugs in your dwelling or business, it is vital to get a bed bug inspection prior to extermination. Various large companies will offer visual inspections, but these are only about 30% accurate and may be conducted by salespeople with other motives. Unfortunately we hear all the time these visual inspections lead to inaccurate results, on going infestations and ultimately property damage. We offer a transparent comprehensive inspection that can identify the exact location(s) of a bed bug infestation with 93%-95% accuracy.


A thorough bed bug inspection is vital to determining the extent of a bed bug infestation and the most effective course of action for proper eradication. With the help of our detection trained dogs to smell the scents given off by even a single bug, fecal matter, and eggs. We offer a fast, efficient, non-invasive and eco/wallet friendly solution to possible infestations, or existing ones. 


We examine all areas of your home/business including but not limited to: behind walls, floorboards, outlet covers, carpets, furniture, bedding, luggage, cars, ect. Homes and Businesses are not our limit! Just return from a flight and want peace in mind? We will meet you where you are before tracking these hitch hikers to your personal quarters.


Our canine bed bug inspections are remarkably precise and are able to provide trustworthy results to pinpoint exact locations. In fact, by having this information we can significantly reduce the price of bed bug extermination, many companies will even offer significant discounts to our clients providing a winning scenario for all! Not sure what bed bug exterminator will provide the desired results? Don't worry we got you covered.


Bed bugs are not just limited to housing! We offer services to all industries for all purposes including:

-Hotels, Motels, Air BNB, Apartments

-Public Entities, Libraries, Gyms

-Hospitals, Assisted Living ,  Medical, VA, Small Practice

-Traveling luggage search meetup

-Moving and vehicles

-Selling/Buying a house

-And More!

Call today before scheduling a bed bug exterminator and let us save you money. We offer bed bug exterminators, DIY bed bug treatment plans, and bed bug prevention methods that will ensure you don't have to worry about a bed bug infestation.

Why use this service?


Knowing exactly where and infestation is can cut the cost of pricey exterminations by more than 70%. With us you can know how to address an infestation while protecting your wallet. Knowing if you really do have bed bugs will allow you to return to your life without paying for unnecessary bed bug treatments.

At Colorado Bed Bug Dog, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient, reliable, and accurate bed bug inspections. We understand the challenge of detecting new or small bed bug infestations, akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Our aim is to alleviate your stress and provide you with the confidence that you need to ensure the safety of your home or business from bed bugs.


At Colorado Bed Bug Dog, we understand the importance of quick and reliable bed bug inspections. Our team of certified canine handlers and their trained bed bug dogs have the experience and expertise to detect bed bugs quickly and accurately. Our dogs have undergone extensive training to detect even the faintest trace of bed bugs, enabling us to identify an infestation or potential outbreak with speed and accuracy. When you choose Colorado Bed Bug Dog, you can be assured that your home or business is in good hands.

We care about the privacy of you, your home, your business and your tenants. We are proud to offer 100% confidentiality. Incognito inspections is our expectation.


Quote available by phone, text or email


Quote available by phone, text or email

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

Colorado Bed Bug Dog is incredible! When we noticed a live bed bug we called, and they responded immediately. We were told how to prepare for the inspection. Tiffany brought Ivy, who stepped up to the plate sniffing her way through our home. Once the inspection was complete Tiffany gave us the findings. She explained what Ivy had found, and the level of severity. She was calm, patient, and answered every question we had. When we asked for referrals of who could treat our house, she gave us a company she trusted.
We called for another inspection about a month later, and again, they responded immediately. Tiffany gave us Ivy's findings and gave us a clean report. No more bed bugs! Woohoo!
Colorado Bed Bug Dog is a company I recommend to the highest degree! Way to go Ivy, and Tiffany! Thank you thank you!!

-A. F. (Google)

If you think you might have bed bugs use this service. If you think you might have been exposed to bed bugs use this service.

Tiffany and Ivy are a fantastic team. They were able to find bugs in areas I had not been able to. They are on time and fast. I can't recommend them enough.

-D. P. (Google)

Image by Manu Kumar

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If you’re in need of bed bug detection services, you’ve come to the right place. Colorado Bed Bug Dog specializes in providing canine-assisted bed bug detection throughout the Colorado area.  Don’t see your area on the list? Don’t fret! Contact us and we would be happy to discuss options.

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