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  How long does an inspection take to perform? 

For a standard home, the inspection will take 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the home. 

‣  May I watch the inspection?

We will invite you to watch a portion of the inspection for a demonstration. However, our dogs, even being service dogs, are easily distracted by new humans just like any other dog! For this reason, the most accurate inspections are performed by just the dog and handler. 

‣  Are bed bug dogs 100% accurate?

No. Dogs occassionally miss a smell. However, you can expect our dogs to alert on more than 93% of bed bug smells. It's very rare for our dogs to miss a bed bug. Additionally, our bed bug dogs will not false alert. We regularly do double blind tests to ensure our dogs are only alerting to live bed bugs and eggs.


Denver, Colorado




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