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  • Safely and effectively providing accurate results is our #1 goal!

    250 US dollars

Our Role: Your advocate

  • We are entirely independent. Many pest control companies offer a substandard visual inspection. However, that inspection is performed by a salesperson with sales motives! Our inspection is far more complete, transparent, and is the place to start if you suspect bed bugs.

  • Our inspection process can pinpoint the exact location(s) of a bed bug infestation. Eradication costs can be decreased significantly by narrowing down the area that may require treatment.

  • Because our inspection process is so accurate, extermination companies actually give significant discounts to our clients! Why? We make their job a lot easier with our pinpointed and precise information.

  • There are many different extermination methods. Based on our inspection, we will recommend the best and most cost effective methods based on our inspection results.

your people are fantastic!!
-D.P. (Square)
Amazing experience! I convinced myself I might have bed bugs and I was able to call and get a same day appointment. Lucky and his handler (embarrassed to have forgotten her name) were both extremely thorough, professional, quick and super kind. She also educated me on what I would be seeing and experiencing if I did have them. Saved me from freaking out and treating my apartment even though there weren't any bedbugs. Thank you guys!
-S.S. (Yelp)
Tiffany and Ivy were wonderful. We had a really good outcome. Ivy was great and she gave us the peace  of mind we needed! I highly recommend this service.
-J.S. (Square)

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